Bounce Below
Opening today, this interactive art exhibition, has a creepy, otherworldly feel to it, or maybe the idea of bouncing up and down above a dark gaping chasm is where the creepy factor comes into play? But anyone who has seen the movie The Descent will know what I’m talking about.

"a small Welsh town has the perfect subterranean adventure for you: the world’s largest underground trampoline. Just unveiled in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, Bounce Below is a network of trampolines and slides mounted to the walls of an abandoned slate mine at heights of 20 feet to 180 feet off the ground."

Tickets available Here [x] and Source[x]

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31 Days of Halloween pin-ups 11/31 —> "Bathing Witch" by Ren Wicks, 1964
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fun tip: say ‘another gender’ instead of ‘the opposite gender’ and crush the binary beneath your feet

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My favorite TV-shows → Misfits
"What if there’s loads of people like us all over town?" - "No, that kind of thing only happens in America. This will fade away. I’m telling you, by this time next week, it’ll be back to the same old boring shit.

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Fat has such a negative connotation that people are judging their own bodies too harshly. Your body is not your enemy!


Fat has such a negative connotation that people are judging their own bodies too harshly. Your body is not your enemy!

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i can’t wait until i’m older and have a serious relationship like think of how much fun that would be every single night would be like a sleepover with your best friend and you could make pancakes at 3 in the morning and uncontrollably snuggle when you’re bored  

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"My worst fucking fear is being cheated on by the only person I want to wake up to every morning"

Daddy taught me sometimes this happens and mommy taught me to be strong when it does (via madcowmaiden)

the caption tho

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Mehndi (or henna painting) in India is a very important part of the wedding ritual and ceremony. As the story goes, the deeper the color obtained on the skin, the longer the love between the couple will last; hence the belief that a proper mehndi application is tantamount to a prayer to the gods for everlasting love and a successful marriage. 


Look at the incredible detail! Fuck ppl who appropriate this


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If the Harry Potter characters had tumblr insp

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If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will? 

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do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming


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